Restless: A Postmortem on the Young, Restless and Reformed

Welcome to Restless. This is a postmortem on everything Young, Restless and Reformed, sometimes called New Calvinism. In 2009 New Calvinism made Time Magazine’s list of “10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now.” 11 years later Matt and Michael investigate and discuss the rise and fall of New Calvinism.

We joined by our first female guest who turned out to be our second OPC guest. Ashley joined us to discuss her trip from Starbucks Barista to OPC church member and what the YRR had to do with her story along the way.

So sit back and relax for another Restless Summer interview

Ok Saint Augustine didn't say that exactly because he didn't speak English. Call that the Restless Summer Translation of Saint Augustine's anti-donatist writing.

In this episode of Restless Matt and Michael do some light hearted church history that will help you think clearly about the church in our own day. Ok we are just really fascinated by church history. And during the Restless Summer we do what we want. 

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Pre order Rob Mckenzie's first novel on amazon today. Our friend and podcast host on the Reformed Forum has released his first Novel set in the Universe of Pilgrim's Progress. He tells the story of another travel who leaves shortly after Christian. If you like what you hear check out his book for some Restless summer reading. You made its Restless Summer.

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Ok just listen to the latest episode of Restless if you are trying to figure out the title. Enjoy the latest Restless Reaction to this 2014 TGC video "What's new about the the New Calvinism?" We listen to the top men of in New Calvinism discuss it at its peak.

Also good news Restless Summer starts next week.

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This is part two of our interview with Aaron Renn of 

This week discuss topics related to his writing and consideration with the Masculinist. There he writes a lot of about the intersection of culture, christianity and gender. You will want to listen as we reconsider some of the tropes found in complementarianism.

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This week we are joined by Aaron Renn of 

We discuss his contact with New Calvinism and his view on the New Calvinists as a cultural critic. This is part 1 of our conversation and next week we will discuss issues related to his work with The Masculinist. 

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The Restless crew reacts to an old TGC conversation about Multi-site churches now scrubbed from the internet. Mark Dever sits down with Mark Driscoll and James Macdonald to discuss the pro and con of the multi site church. Restless uses this as an opportunity to talk about the need for biblical ecclesiology.

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You can still find the video here (for now) if you want to see it yourself.

9 marks article referenced:


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Then we take another crack at Two Kingdoms theology from a listener question and end on how to pray part of the Lord's prayer. We hope this longer bonus is helpful and interesting. 

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Resources mentioned:

Westminster Directory of Family Worship

Rediscovering Catechism (book)

The Corner Room (Psalms Youtube Channel)

Westminster Shorter Catechism

Children's Catechism


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