Restless: A Postmortem on the Young, Restless and Reformed

Welcome to Restless. This is a postmortem on everything Young, Restless and Reformed, sometimes called New Calvinism. In 2009 New Calvinism made Time Magazine’s list of “10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now.” 11 years later Matt and Michael investigate and discuss the rise and fall of New Calvinism.

This week we interview our guest from last week on the acclaimed episode "We Know Who Killed Mars Hill" Matt. As college friend of the host we learn his path to Reformed Theology and some of the common struggles related to it.

Sit back and enjoy Restless.


Enjoy Episode 56 of Restless where we answer the question asked in episode one of The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill: Who Killed Mars Hill?

It's our first #riseandfallofmarshill listening party. Come along and enjoy segments like "Why We Liked Mark Driscoll" and "Op Matt Was Listening to the Podcast and Maybe Heard the Problems of Where This Show is Going".  We are joined by a guest also named Matt who turns out to be a helpful promoter of the show.

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In this episode we discuss something that has been grinding Matt’s gears. We discuss the crisis of Pastors in jail in Canada and Christians feeling flatfooted. Restless takes the bold stand that we need to start working hard to understand the biblical relationship between the church and state.

The Restless podcast wonders why TGC doesn’t use its influence to support the Pastors who have been imprisoned in Canada for violating health orders to gather as church over the last year. We hopefully leave you with a few biblical foundations as a starting placebo think through this issue yourself.

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TGC Canada’s two articles about what you should know about James Coates


If Matt’s voice sounded off its because later that week he tested positive for Covid-19. Don’t worry he is ok and this episode was not a super spreader event.

Matt and Michael take break from regularly scheduled programing to discuss Pastor Michael's book Seventy-Seven Times: Reflections on Forgiveness

Pastor Michael reflected on the topic of forgiveness for a year in the course of his ministry and this book is a product of those efforts. Restless discusses forgiveness, its centrality to the gospel and why it can be a difficult topic.

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Restless reunites after a the Restless Summer to react to the full length trailer of The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill. 

The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill is a new podcast from Christianity Today hosted by Mike Cosper. It purports to tell the story of Mars Hill and Mark Driscoll. And everyone wants to know what Restless thinks since CT is coming into our wheel house. 

Sit back and listen to our inaugural reaction and let us know how you think we should proceed and who we should talk with about this. Oh and Mike you should come talk to us about the show. Find  us on on facebook and instagram  We want to hear from you.

Find Matt on twitter @mrmrcline and Michael @pastormbowman

In which Matt explains why there is not a podcast this week but that this is not the end. Keep enjoying your Restless Summer. Keep it up and check back next week for more Restless Podcast.

Dr Brad Vermurlen is a sociologist at the University of Texas and author of The Reformed Resurgence. He is a frequent guest on the podcast because of PHD dissertation was on New Calvinism.

This week on the podcast he returns to discuss what he observed in three of the most influential New Calvinist churches. We go all the way from East Coast with Redeemer Presbyterian, stop by Bethlehem Baptist and end at Mars Hill of Seattle. 

Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi

We figured this Restless Summer you were missing those Joe Rogan Podcasts since he went Spotify only. So we recorded a long laid back interview with Wresby of the Presbycast 

We talk how this one time YRR guy at a church called the Rock became a TR member of an OPC church. So sit back and listen to what you call three guys talking to each other.

The Collision Movie Trailer

A Contemporary Reformed Defense of Infant Baptism

The Restless Podcast talks about how emotionally healthy they are and how you can be too, by singing the Psalms.

Actually this is a bonus to the episode on Christian Emotionalism. And it may be one of those times where the bonus may be better than the actual content. All Killer no Filler here. 

Restless investigates emotions in the life of the Christian. Reject Christian Emotionalism with us and grow in your affections for God.

The Restless Podcast took a week off taking from relaxing with friends this Restless summer for this deep dive. We think you and others will benefit from this episode. This is a good one to share.

We have heard there are some allegations about plagerism going around so we thought we better list of few sources.

Robert Godfrey's chapter in Give Praise to God- "Worship and the Emotions"

- Quotes from Charles Finnney - Lectures on Revival

- Quotes from Jonathan Edwards - Religious Affections

And Thank you to Scott Swain for this summary of Edwards on Affections in "Jonathan Edwards’ “A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections”(a good short read if you want)

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