We are rejoined by Rob McKenzie of the Reformed Forum to discuss His Book Identifying the Seed at length.

Even if don't realize it you have probably been influenced by Dispensational Theology. Rob tells us what it is all about and compares it to Reformed Covenant Theology.

Now why you came to these show notes. Here is how you can win a copy. Merry Christmas!

1. Be the first person to email mail@reformedforum.org and tell them you heard Rob of the reformed forum on Restless and would like to request a copy of his book.

2. We will draw a name of someone who shares the podcast on social media. Make sure you tag one of us or the show page on facebook or instagram so that we know you did it.

As always you can contact us at restlesspodcasting@gmail.com and now on facebook and instagram. We'd love to hear from you.

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